Introducing AMBA, the ultimate blood loss measuring tool

An easy-to-understand, standardized monitoring device and warning system powered with a uniform recognition to identify a pregnant woman in danger.

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Our Goals

What Is To Be Achieved With Project Amba

To reduce the mortality rate of pregnant women during childbirth.

To specifically curb blood loss of women in child birth.

To train medical personnel and alternative birth handlers on a standardised means of identifying women in danger.

To deploy the use of standardised approved techniques to halt/reduce blood loss.

incorporate a provided simple tool that quickly and efficiently detects excess blood loss.

To use provided technology to access critical interventions and prevent the woman from transiting from safety to danger during childbirth.

To tackle the major cause of maternal death(postpartum hemorrhage) by interrupting the transition from safety to danger during childbirth with critical interventions.

How to make an AMBA CALL

Four simple steps to follow

When the bleeding level of the patient is getting critical.

Open the AMBA App.

Then click on the I need a doctor

You will then receive an alert that a doctor will be on his way to you.

If you are using the ussd infrastructure.

Type in the ussd code.

It will process your request.

You will then receive a text message that a doctor is close by.

About AMBA Project

What is Project AMBA all about?

AMBA is an acronym which stands for Anti Maternal Bleeding Alert.

It is a project created to reduce the rate at which pregnant women die specifically due to excessive bleeding in childbirth and enhance access to the necessary intervention(s) to save their lives. This will be achieved with the use of easy-to-understand, standardized monitoring devices, state-of-the art medical response technology and thorough training of medical and non-medical handlers to have a uniform recognition and warning system to identify a woman in danger.

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What we offer

How is AMBA helping?

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Blood Loss Measuring Tool

Getting the blood loss measuring device in place and ready for testing.

Learning icon

Training of health care workers and device users

This involves training Alternative Birth Attendants{ABAs}, Nurses and Midwives on the use of the blood measuring tool, how to identify women at risk and other measures to be instituted in the event of a bleeding emergency.

Call icon

Amber Call App/USSD

App/USSD to place an AMBA Call for help.



Getting the blood loss measuring device in place and ready for testing.


Stakeholder Sensitization

This entails awareness and publicity i.e TV, Radio, Print, Social Media, jingles, billboards and merchandise. In simple words, making the public aware of AMBA.

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